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Five years ago today, Kobe Bryant scored an astronomic 81 points in a 122-104 victory over the Toronto Raptors. Bryant shot 28 for 46, including 55 points in the second half alone.

Bryant’s feat is second only to Wilt Chamberlain’s 1962 drubbing of the New York Knickerbockers, 169-147, in which he scored 100 points. Bryant accomplished this by hitting 18 of his 20 free throws and going 7 for 13 behind the three-point line with two assists.

Even without analysis, Bryant’s 81 would go down as legendary in NBA history, but it’s Kobe’s position that makes it so unbelievable. When Wilt Chamberlain managed to score 100 points, he was being fed the ball in the key where he could take full advantage of his 7’1” height.

It was easier for Wilt to dominate his position due to his size and strength, and therefore more feasible that he could reach 100 in a game. Kobe Bryant plays the swingman position. Michael Jordan has been quoted as saying it’s harder to make a run at 100 being a swingman. Factoring in-game fatigue from playing defense and the extra time handling the ball more often and Kobe’s feat becomes even more unbelievable.

The general rule of thumb for an all-star NBA player is to play 40 out of 48 minutes (Kobe played 42 the previous night). During this time the swingman usually only has the ball for six minutes, with only four of those minutes being in scoring position.

Bryant does have a proclivity for keeping the ball more than your average two-guard. Given this, one can assume Bryant possessed the ball for eight minutes, six of them being in scoring position. By these numbers, with Bryant’s 46 shots, he was shooting the ball every 7.8 seconds that he had it.

To put this into perspective Michael Jordan’s game high came in an overtime victory, in which he tallied 69 points. It’s true that Jordan spread the ball around more and made his teammates better, but 69 was his limit.

Regardless of the extenuating circumstances, Kobe Bryant’s 81 points will go down as a historic event. 



who is Mary?
why does she grope me?
who is Jane?
why is she lonely?
why do I ask?
why do I dare?
why waste my time?
why even care?
why does Mary like me?
why is Jane so fly?
why did she provoke me?
why did I get high?
why can’t I see?
why can’t I walk?
why can’t I breathe?
why can’t I talk?
why am I thinking?
why do I wonder?
why am talking?
why do I hunger?
why am I thinking?
why do I wonder?
why does make so much sense?
why did I write it?
why did I smoke weed?
and why did I like it?


a question for you NWO/Illuminati/Big Brother believing cats

If you believe in all of these, or even just one of them, I have a question for you:

Do you own a cellphone?

I can’t fathom any person that believes in all of this that owns a  cell phone because it’s that very device that gives all of these “societies” all of the information they could ever want on you and your associates.

They say it is a global control.And that control starts with universal surveillance…which pretty much every cellphone made in the last 7-8 years or so provides. Your global position down to a few feet, where you’ve been, your conversations (audible and SMS based), so on and so forth are all recorded by your cell phone.

Blaming the Illuminati is the new version of “The Man is holding me back.” This bullshit almost had me going until I realized that almost all political systems are corrupt, but you make the most of the situation, and do what you can, so it doesn’t matter. Also, if America is so fucked up, why is everyone still trying to come over here?

I mean the shit is, fucking ridiculous.

As I said, I was actually falling for this bullshit, but a the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. God first, take care of yourself and family, and enjoy life. Fuck everything else.



Into The Grid.


Tron: Legacy is a perfectly entertaining film.

You know what I like to do when making a decision ?
Making a pros and cons list.

For this review, I’d like to do that. Except, I’m gonna list the awesome and the not-so-awesome things about this movie.

Awesome Things :

  • The graphics will make your eyes ejaculate out of its sheer awesomeness, and puts a whole shame to 3D movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Loads of reference to the original 1982 movie that will inevitably put chills down your spine.
  • Crazy kung-fu kick ass fight scenes. Not retarded-crazy, but Ron Artest Batshit Crazy.
  • Out of this world music scoring, that fits perfectly in each and every scene.
  • New-and-improved Grid, with badass looking Tron Suits, Recognizers, Light Cycles and… wait for it… Light Jets.
    Light Jets.
    You’ll shit bricks when you see them.
  • Oh yeah, there are also something like Light Jetpacks. Well I don’t know its official name, so I’ll just gonna call them jetpacks.
  • Did I mention badass Light Cycles already ?
  • Olivia Wilde, one of the few ever crowned “Hottest Woman”, IN 3 FUCKING DIMENSION. It’s almost like meeting her in person ! Well, if you see it in 3D. AND YOU FUCKING SHOULD. OTHERWISE YOU’LL DIE WITH REGRETS.
  • Light Cycles. AND LIGHT JETS !

Not-So-Awesome Things :

  • None.

Well, not really. There are somethings that could be improved. Like the ending was kinda anti-climatic (still epic tho), they could’ve written a better plot, and what bums me the most is we don’t get to see a lot of Tron in action. I mean he’s the title character !

All in all, Tron: Legacy is a very, very, very cool movie. It’s not contending for the best movie of the year, but definitely a must-see. But before you do, I highly recommend, no, I insist you to watch the original 1982 Tron first, if you want to experience the full-blown awesomeness of Legacy.

And believe me. YOU WANT to.

Ultimately, and in short, I think 3D might have a future only if it is put to sparing and consummate effect. It’s a pinnacle of invention, of course, with infinite potential, but for it to actually resonate with viewers I feel studios need to give them 3D they can respect. As in Tron (for me) and Avatar (from what I hear from everyone else) the format has shown it can be used to create a more rousing and thorough experience, but its overuse for Machiavellian and greedy reasons is destroying any credibility it may once have hoped for. Time will tell if the madness of Tinseltown will wane, but in the meantime, when I’m feeling indecisive and a movie poster begs me to “See it in IMAX” – yes, yes I will please.


“We beat the Ravens! We’re going to the Championship Game! And best of all, I’m not going to prison!”


You know what it is:Green and Yellow Green and Yellow Green and Yellow Green and Yellow

Aaron Rodgers went 24th in the 2005 NFL Draft.

A few teams told them they would take him earlier, but decided last minute to snub him.

The same year, Alex Smith was the #1 overall pick, going to San Francisco. Alex Smith has been named the starter 5 different times in his career, and been benched each of those times at one point in the season.

Many teams, who are lacking a decent QB today, would have the face of their franchise changed forever, had they just taken a shot on Aaron Rodgers.

So as a Green Bay fan for most of my life, I’d like to say:
“Thank you for handing us this demigod of a quarterback.”

To: San Francisco, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Tampa, Tennessee, Minnesota (twice), Arizona, Washington, Detroit, Dallas (twice), Carolina, Kansas City, Houston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Oakland, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Sincerely: All the Cheeseheads in America.

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