If I can travel to any time period it would be…

Feudal…anywhere, initial thought is japan but it’s not restrictive, I imagine like medieval england would be not too dissimilar in my main purpose..though I don’t think I could tolerate the food.

Basically just any world before guns were made to do a cowards work for him, a time when to know how to use a sword was not so much a little pastime but something which can severely affect your position in life.

And yeah I probably sound delusional, like im very misinformed from “all the anime” that i just imagine it would be a big walk in the park. I know living was brutal, I know anyone can wave a sword around but it takes a near-lifetime of supreme dedication in disciplining yourself to even resemble the nascent shapings of a swordsman. It would probably be a short life…it might not, maybe if I got lucky and found a good teacher.

Fuck at least I could carry my freaking wooden shinai down a road without getting near-arrested, at least there wouldn’t be cameras in every goddamn crevice and chains of paper choking you down and mercilessly goading you into a life of apathetic maze-hobbling until the day you die barely supported by machines next to a bedside cabinet stuffed with prescription medication so much so that your entire room, nay, house actually smells, by yourself if you have been granted the good graces of outliving whatever other poor desperate manimal you clung onto so long ago in the mutual pursuit of a lie that’s been preached to you in your every conscious hour since the moment it came about.


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