Into The Grid.


Tron: Legacy is a perfectly entertaining film.

You know what I like to do when making a decision ?
Making a pros and cons list.

For this review, I’d like to do that. Except, I’m gonna list the awesome and the not-so-awesome things about this movie.

Awesome Things :

  • The graphics will make your eyes ejaculate out of its sheer awesomeness, and puts a whole shame to 3D movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Loads of reference to the original 1982 movie that will inevitably put chills down your spine.
  • Crazy kung-fu kick ass fight scenes. Not retarded-crazy, but Ron Artest Batshit Crazy.
  • Out of this world music scoring, that fits perfectly in each and every scene.
  • New-and-improved Grid, with badass looking Tron Suits, Recognizers, Light Cycles and… wait for it… Light Jets.
    Light Jets.
    You’ll shit bricks when you see them.
  • Oh yeah, there are also something like Light Jetpacks. Well I don’t know its official name, so I’ll just gonna call them jetpacks.
  • Did I mention badass Light Cycles already ?
  • Olivia Wilde, one of the few ever crowned “Hottest Woman”, IN 3 FUCKING DIMENSION. It’s almost like meeting her in person ! Well, if you see it in 3D. AND YOU FUCKING SHOULD. OTHERWISE YOU’LL DIE WITH REGRETS.
  • Light Cycles. AND LIGHT JETS !

Not-So-Awesome Things :

  • None.

Well, not really. There are somethings that could be improved. Like the ending was kinda anti-climatic (still epic tho), they could’ve written a better plot, and what bums me the most is we don’t get to see a lot of Tron in action. I mean he’s the title character !

All in all, Tron: Legacy is a very, very, very cool movie. It’s not contending for the best movie of the year, but definitely a must-see. But before you do, I highly recommend, no, I insist you to watch the original 1982 Tron first, if you want to experience the full-blown awesomeness of Legacy.

And believe me. YOU WANT to.

Ultimately, and in short, I think 3D might have a future only if it is put to sparing and consummate effect. It’s a pinnacle of invention, of course, with infinite potential, but for it to actually resonate with viewers I feel studios need to give them 3D they can respect. As in Tron (for me) and Avatar (from what I hear from everyone else) the format has shown it can be used to create a more rousing and thorough experience, but its overuse for Machiavellian and greedy reasons is destroying any credibility it may once have hoped for. Time will tell if the madness of Tinseltown will wane, but in the meantime, when I’m feeling indecisive and a movie poster begs me to “See it in IMAX” – yes, yes I will please.


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  1. January 30, 2011 at 10:55 PM

    wow. I never thought about this in that way

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