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So I’m taking a swing at Professional mode on Resident Evil 5

Holy shit this is tough as fuck.

After 1-2 attacks I go into “dying” and that lasts at LEAST 3 seconds.

(note I only completed 2 chapters and died 10 times)

I refuse to play with the CPU.Sheva tends to run off for no reason and I’m always the one saving her ass which will result in both of us getting killed.

I only bring in 2 weapons:

Ithaca M37


my big Eagle

Fully upgraded and infinite ammo unlocked on both of them.

Because reloading means certain death.

With the Ithaca i can take down 3-4 Majini with one sweep.

I save the Eagle for the bigger fuckheads like the mr popo looking Majini and those with the chainsaws and the bosses.


I’m going through a bit of a dilemma. To cut the shit, I want to be rich. I wanna be so rich I can live in a penthouse suite and dress in the finest suits, I want to be able to buy things in stores without worrying about how I’m going to afford it or how long it’ll take to make back. I never used to think of myself as a materialistic person, in fact quite the opposite was true but lately it’s just flooded my mind. I’ve realized that I’m not that nice peaceful guy I thought I was, in reality, I’m a cold, lonely, greedy guy. Not to mention ruthless.  No matter what I try or how hard I push myself I just can’t connect with people or even maintain decent conversation, I’ve spent most of my time alone, I always thought that once I got older it would go away and I’d get on my feet – it slowly started.


When it comes to the Lakers,Is Everyone Overreacting or Is It Time to Worry?

After this weekend’s All-Star festivities,Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers resume the final stretch toward the NBA playoffs. But is it time to worry about their title hopes?

Or, will Kobe translate his All-Star game MVP performance into the Lakers getting back into championship form?

The way LA has played this season, many fans and faithful feel the team is in real trouble, that they must make a trade or else risk not even getting out of the Western Conference.

Look. There is no denying that the Lakers have been up and down this year. At times, they’ve played spirited hoop, while many other games, LA appears to phone in the effort (the 2nd Cleveland Cavaliers game as the latest example.)

But some of the up-and-down play of the Lakers can be attributed to injuries and lack of cohesion.

LA began another NBA season without their starting center, Andrew Bynum, who missed 20-plus games to begin the year. His absence created an extra minute drain on LA’s frontcourt, especially Pau Gasol who for the rest of the year so far, appears to be worn out and tired.

Kobe Bryant also started the season recovering from offseason knee surgery. He seemed to finally regain some lift and a return to complete form midseason.

And, Ron Artest, at the center of much of the trade speculation, hasn’t played to the level of last year. He’s lost some of that eye-of-the-tiger, never-won-a-ring, hunger. Ron Ron’s been having fun off the court and maybe not brought it in on.

But Artest will. This guy is another warrior, and when the time comes, he’ll be ready. Nothing’s changed with Artest physically. He hasn’t lost anything from last year. He’s vital for a playoff run, with his defense on the best threes in the league.

Also, what everyone forgets with all the doom and gloom surrounding the Lakers is that the team improved last offseason. Laker management brought in a quality bench including Steve Blake and Matt Barnes.

But Barnes went down with a knee injury, and therefore messed up the Lakers depth. And, his absence also put more minutes on starters and gave him less experience playing the triangle and being the new guy on the team.

That will change this final 20-plus game stretch to the NBA playoffs as he is set to return, probably this week.

Look. Lakers head coach Phil Jackson knows what he is going. He’s playing all of you. He’s done this before, countless times actually, over his entire head coaching career. He loves off-court drama. He loves the doom and gloom.

Do you know how hard it is to repeat as an NBA Champion? I don’t think you really do.

The great Boston Celtic teams of the 1980s couldn’t even do it. And, Tim Duncan’s San Antonio Spurs, as great of a run as they’ve had, haven’t been able to repeat.

No, repeating is extremely difficult, in any sport.

Phil Jackson not only has his teams repeating but three-peating. He’s done it three times, and this season would mark a fourth.

So, again, I ask you. Don’t you think Jackson knows what he is doing?

He calls the NBA season a “marathon.” Why do you think that is?

Jackson knows he has the same team or arguably better than last year. Sure, everyone wants to say the Lakers are older, and that might be true. But only one year. No one is injured now.

Kobe still scores. D-Fish still misses regular season shots but makes clutch ones. Opposing point guards still blow by Fisher, but somehow, when he matters, he comes up with a great steal. He always will.

The storyline is repeated season after season. It takes the pressure off the repeat or three-peat.

Lastly, the other big thing that the doom-and-gloom playbook that Jackson somehow seems to fuel through the media is that all this talk does make the Lakers appear vulnerable.

Remember last season? The Lakers looked like they were stumbling and not even going to get out the first round against Oklahoma Thunder.

Or, the season before, when the Lakers played disinterested hoop (no, they never do that!) in the playoffs. Yes, in the playoffs versus the Houston Rockets. The Lakers played terribly and experts said it was embarrassing.

I remember TNT’s Kenny Smith even saying it was “disgraceful,” and he wouldn’t root for LA ever again because of how badly the team played in that series.

Well, Smith’s pick this year to win it is all…LA.

This is the wounded-animal playbook. This is when you tweak your ankle playing hoop and act like you’re really hurt. You might even give a good moan to your opponent. Then, the ball comes your way and you blow by the guy for a superstar layup.

You’re not really hurt. Neither are the Lakers.

Hear me loud and clear. There is nothing, nothing, nothing to worry about in LA. All this doom-and-gloom talk will be long forgotten come April.

Don’t you think Jackson has a plan to make his last season coaching a final three-peat? Do you really doubt the great warrior Kobe Bryant, who is chasing Michael Jordan and history, won’t be at his best when the games matter most?

Stop the talk, sit back, and just be patient. The final stretch after the All-Star break is here. So will be the Lakers.


Carmelo Anthony to New York: Could This Lead to Dwight Howard on the Lakers?

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard must hear the clock ticking down on his time in Florida.

The Magic already trail Boston, Miami and Chicago in the East standings, and now that Carmelo Anthony has taken his talents to New York, the competition just got a little stiffer.

Anthony’s decision may be the extension of a trend that started when LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami, and now that the water has began to trickle, you can likely expect a future flood of free agents pursuing the same avenues.

New Orleans point guard Chris Paul, Utah point guard Deron Williams and Howard are the next tier of high profile players who face an impending decision, and you can expect them to make their choices based on recent events.

New York, Miami and Los Angeles will likely make the strongest push for Paul and Williams, and the same group of teams with the addition of Chicago will likely be in the hunt for Howard’s services.

The common thread among those teams is that they represent some of the largest media markets in the NBA, and the residual effects of Anthony and the South Beach trio’s respective decisions could be an end to parity in the league.

There is little doubt that Paul, Williams and Howard will make decisions based on their best opportunity to compete for a championship, and that immediately puts their current teams at a disadvantage.

Howard is considered to be the gem of 2012’s free agency class, and there have been rumors that the Lakers would be one of his primary suitors once he becomes available.

There is a precedent when it comes to Orlando centers departing Disney World for Los Angeles, and Howard could have just as big an impact as Shaquille O’Neal.

The Lakers have thus far been reluctant to entertain trade overtures directed towards center Andrew Bynum, but would they feel the same way if the other player on the end of the deal was Howard?

Furthermore, you can be sure that Magic general manager Otis Smith has played close attention to the proceedings going on between Denver and New York.

There is little chance that Smith can hijack the Lakers the way that Denver did New York, but potentially receiving Bynum and a few other players for Howard is better than losing him for nothing at all.

And the chances of Orlando losing Howard increase exponentially with Anthony signing in New York.

It’s doubtful that Smith can convince players like Paul and Williams to join Howard in Orlando because the lure of major markets and multiple elite teammates may be too much to overcome.

The Magic do have a financial edge since they can match the offer of any potential suitor, but during this new revolutionary age of the NBA, money may not hold as much weight as it once did.

But the chance to join Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and possibly Chris Paul in Tinseltown could.

The Miami Heat and Anthony have illuminated the path to future NBA title contention, but will Howard follow that lighted path to Los Angeles?

And yes the salaries do match up.


MESSAGE TO MEN: Stop being so emotional!

Men in general, young men specifically, STOP letting your emotions control you. There was a time when men were men, logical, thinking, calculating, and under control. Nowadays, the majority of “men” are emotional, irrational, careless and lack self control. Most of the murders in our community are purely driven by emotion. Ex – You owe me money, my feelings are hurt, so I’m going to kill you. Logically, this makes no sense. A dead man can’t pay you back, others seeing you kill over money won’t want to do further business with you, etc. A man who owes me money will be my bitch for life, even after he’s paid me back tenfold.

Our communities are out of control because the men are the ones who are supposed to be in control. Women control our communities nowadays, but most of these single mothers have never had a father themselves either and have no idea how to raise a man. SO these boys are raised to be emotional by their mothers. They can’t handle being told no and have no sense of understanding delayed gratification. If all you had to do your whole juvenile life was ask mom and/or grandma for something and you were given it regardless of what work you did or didn’t do to earn it, then it’s no wonder these same boys become men who don’t want to work and live in the basement indefinitely. They still get what they want without having to earn it and thats just not logical.


Kobe Bryant is, “The Black Mamba”. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.



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