MESSAGE TO MEN: Stop being so emotional!

Men in general, young men specifically, STOP letting your emotions control you. There was a time when men were men, logical, thinking, calculating, and under control. Nowadays, the majority of “men” are emotional, irrational, careless and lack self control. Most of the murders in our community are purely driven by emotion. Ex – You owe me money, my feelings are hurt, so I’m going to kill you. Logically, this makes no sense. A dead man can’t pay you back, others seeing you kill over money won’t want to do further business with you, etc. A man who owes me money will be my bitch for life, even after he’s paid me back tenfold.

Our communities are out of control because the men are the ones who are supposed to be in control. Women control our communities nowadays, but most of these single mothers have never had a father themselves either and have no idea how to raise a man. SO these boys are raised to be emotional by their mothers. They can’t handle being told no and have no sense of understanding delayed gratification. If all you had to do your whole juvenile life was ask mom and/or grandma for something and you were given it regardless of what work you did or didn’t do to earn it, then it’s no wonder these same boys become men who don’t want to work and live in the basement indefinitely. They still get what they want without having to earn it and thats just not logical.


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