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Fuck You Recruiter Named Andrew

I have been waiting on my recruiter Andrew for four weeks to schedule an appointment for me to take my ASVAB. Out of those four weeks, I was able to get in contact with him twice. He gave me the “We’ll have you take it tomorrow” lie and when tomorrow comes, I call him and he never answers the cell phone that is basically “attached to the hip.”

For the last two weeks,I tried calling him.And every time I call, it rings until it goes to voice mail. I leave a voice mail and page him my number. Did he call me back? Fuck no.

So yesterday I call his office to try to see if he was there,surprise surprise he wasn’t. So I requested to speak to his superior and request to have a new recruiter. He’s going to pay me a visit later on today.


2011 Eastern conference nba playoffs 1st round predictions

1.Chicago vs. 8.Indiana

The Bulls are everyone’s chic pick to reach the finals and with good reason. Derrick Rose and company committed to  playing defense at a championship level on a nightly basis with new coach Tom Thibodeau. They were rewarded with the best record in the NBA and what most would say is a favorable side of the eastern conference bracket.

I don’t believe this will be a sweep but the Pacers will have to hit on all cylinders to extend this series to 6, I don’t see that happening.

Bulls in 5.

2.Miami vs 7.Philadelphia

LeBron James and Dywane Wade are two of the greatest playoff performers in this era. They have carried teams further than a normal star could  have taken them.  They are elite and they are together for their first championship run. Miami’s main problem is the performance of the role players, in the playoffs the spotlight increases but the rotation decreases. The Heat have had problems with lulls in the middle of games when their three stars are not on the floor at same time. All three should be on the floor 45 minutes plus throughout the playoffs and that should be enough for the Heat to coast.

Heat in 5

3.Boston vs 6.New York

The marquee match up of the first round in the east.  The star power and offensive prowess of the Knicks versus the veteran championship experience of the Celtics. I’m not nearly as high on Carmelo Anthony as most. I think he is a ball stopping high volume shooter that will never lead a team to the finals, but even with that said there is no doubt that the Knicks are a better team with him.  I think his streaky shooting will keep the Knicks in it and eventually kick them out.

Celtics in 6.

4.Orlando vs 5.Atlanta

How much do regular season matchups matter? The way you answer that question has everything to do with who you believe will win this series. The Hawks took the season series 3 to 1, and were 2 -0 against the post trade Magic.  In these wins the Hawks did a wonderful job in neutralizing Dwight and making the supporting parts beat them, and when the threes aren’t falling for the Magic they wont win.Conventional wisdom says the Hawks win but everyone saw the #beatemdown the Magic layed on the Hawks last year. I believe they not only took that playoff series but the psychological edge, and that is what wins this series. The Hawks are a mentally weak team in search of a heart(the worst thing I can say about my favorite team) and that will do them in.

Magic in 7.


2011 Western Conference NBA Playoffs 1st Round Predictions

1.Spurs vs 8. Grizzlies

This will be an interesting match up with Memphis’s young front line taking on Tim Duncan. Hopefully Blair and Splitter step it up and take some of the pressure off Tim but the Spurs will have their hands full with Z-Bo and Marc Gasol.Even without Rudy Gay Memphis is dangerous and athletic . They’ve also given the Spurs trouble this year. Despite all that however, Coach Pop has been extremely smart with the minutes of his stars this year and they will be fresh for the playoffs to play extended minutes. Memphis gives them a tough time, but Spurs will ultimately prevail.

Prediction: Spurs 4-1

2.Lakers vs 7.Hornets

Probably the most lopsided series in the West, especially since the Hornets have lost David West for the entire year. LA got a break avoiding Portland with Kobe’s clutch 3 against the Kings and they also avoided a serious injury to Bynum the other day. I expect the Lakers to win this easily, losing one game simply because they got bored.

Prediction: Lakers 4-1

3.Mavericks vs 6. Blazers

Remember when the Warriors made a mid-season trade for a Stephen Jackson and upset the Mavericks? Well the Blazers made a mid-season trade for Gerald Wallace and I think the same thing will happen.

Prediction: Blazers 4-2

4.Thunder vs 5.Nuggets

Denver is playing really well with no superstar and the Thunder are playing at a very high level now. The PG match-up will be really important in this series and Eric Maynor will need to be able to keep the production up when Westbrook is resting because Lawson and Felton will not let up.Denver’s unpredictability and versatility on the offense end make them very dangerous, which OKC has two legit crunch time players that can win a game by themselves. This series will come down to defense and protecting the rim, which OKC now has a FORT, with Perkins and Ibaka roaming down low. Their ability to protect the rim when the game gets tight will make the difference.

Prediction Thunder 4-3


Your Shittiness

Your Highness is a terrible movie. What a terrible, truly horrendous film. Jesus fucking christ, it was awful. Now, I wasn’t expecting a mature, fully realized, brilliant comedy…I went into the theater expecting cheap jokes and some laughs. What I got was an eleven dollar piece of shit. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie in the theaters that i hated more than this.

But of course it wasn’t good. It starred fucking Danny McBride and he’s never entertained me in anything he was in and the fact that he wrote it doesn’t help either.James Franco and Natalie Portman? Shame on you two.It’s basically a $50M B-movie. Except that half of it seems like it’s trying to be a legitimate comedy.I laughed a bit, but it’s not spectacular by any means. Wait for it to release on Netflix or something.


Being All I Can Be.

Two weeks ago I made the decision to enlist in the Army.I wish I had a good story, but to be honest it was impulse decision.I have plenty friends who are either currently in Iraq or had served in Iraq and it made them better men and women.My oldest brother served until he was discharged.I also have an uncle who is currently in Afghanistan now;and my grandfather served in the Army.

Also, I owed a lot in Federal student loans and I wanted to go to finish school out west.I was initially going to school and such but I just didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything, school Tuesdays and Thursdays and work everyday, the thought of I will be someone tomorrow wasn’t good enough for me. It kind of clicked instantly one night, I stayed up one night researching it and the next day went into my local recruiters office.Talked to him and he told me what I could get into. And being a Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist would be great because I’m going to school for film.

I’m also a supporter of peace, and I always have been. We should try not to get into wars if we can help it, and we should remember that a large number of people killed in any war are not combatants, but civilians. Kids, women, the elderly. A lot of people try to ignore that truth.

Maybe in the end I want to leave some kind of legacy behind.


My President Is Black….Well Half Black At least

I never had huge hopes for Obama, I kinda watched him come in with the feeling that shit’s gonna be tha same no matter who the president is. But I think a lot of people thought he was gonna come in on some super hero shit and it didn’t happen, so they feel let down now. I don’t hate him, I don’t love him either tho. People been cutting into him quick tho, they were saying “well you didn’t do such and such that you said you were gonna do” 8 months into his term. I think he has potential, maybe he should have waited another 8 years though. I think him being “Black” (even tho he’s just as white) and his “middle eastern” sounding name have these fox news types just waiting for a reason to talk shit so they can hate on him while hiding their true motive for saying it.
On a side note though – Am I the only one who thinks Barrack Obama being “the first Black president” is going to take away from the significance when we actually have a Black President? Instead of “first Black President we’ve had” I think it should be “most Black President we’ve had”. Lol


Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Why do people bitch about interracial dating, can’t they understand that everyone has preferences?Based on my experiences, white women have better out looks on life, tend to be more positive, and put themselves in positive situations. I don’t like negative people so I’m more drawn to them in that matter. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are more submissive, but white and spanish girls tend to take care of their man without giving you attitude about it.

I don’t fear the strength of anyone, but I do find that whole attitude annoying. You meet a black girl and the first thing that she says to you is “I’m a beautiful independent black woman, you need to treat me like a queen”. First, you can’t be independent and a queen at the same time. Queens get waited on and served on, if you’re independent you don’t need or want that. Second, I don’t need someone to tell me how to treat them. Race doesn’t and shouldnt play a role in how I treat someone. If the girl isn’t shit, I’m going to treat her like shit. If she’s a good girl, then I’ll treat her accordingly.

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