My President Is Black….Well Half Black At least

I never had huge hopes for Obama, I kinda watched him come in with the feeling that shit’s gonna be tha same no matter who the president is. But I think a lot of people thought he was gonna come in on some super hero shit and it didn’t happen, so they feel let down now. I don’t hate him, I don’t love him either tho. People been cutting into him quick tho, they were saying “well you didn’t do such and such that you said you were gonna do” 8 months into his term. I think he has potential, maybe he should have waited another 8 years though. I think him being “Black” (even tho he’s just as white) and his “middle eastern” sounding name have these fox news types just waiting for a reason to talk shit so they can hate on him while hiding their true motive for saying it.
On a side note though – Am I the only one who thinks Barrack Obama being “the first Black president” is going to take away from the significance when we actually have a Black President? Instead of “first Black President we’ve had” I think it should be “most Black President we’ve had”. Lol


1 Response to “My President Is Black….Well Half Black At least”

  1. April 1, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    You sound young but wise for your years. You are wise in being skeptical when other people thought a leader could be a super hero. As far as Fox or anybody like me cutting Obama down: it’s to do with ideology, not pigment nor a foreign-sounding name (we’re pretty used to both). At this point, half-way thru the first term, he pretty much can do no wrong for certain folks on the left, and can do no right for folks on the right. Hopefully we will have a decent choice in ’12.

    Good luck in your endeavors, blogging and otherwise.

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