Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Why do people bitch about interracial dating, can’t they understand that everyone has preferences?Based on my experiences, white women have better out looks on life, tend to be more positive, and put themselves in positive situations. I don’t like negative people so I’m more drawn to them in that matter. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are more submissive, but white and spanish girls tend to take care of their man without giving you attitude about it.

I don’t fear the strength of anyone, but I do find that whole attitude annoying. You meet a black girl and the first thing that she says to you is “I’m a beautiful independent black woman, you need to treat me like a queen”. First, you can’t be independent and a queen at the same time. Queens get waited on and served on, if you’re independent you don’t need or want that. Second, I don’t need someone to tell me how to treat them. Race doesn’t and shouldnt play a role in how I treat someone. If the girl isn’t shit, I’m going to treat her like shit. If she’s a good girl, then I’ll treat her accordingly.


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