Your Shittiness

Your Highness is a terrible movie. What a terrible, truly horrendous film. Jesus fucking christ, it was awful. Now, I wasn’t expecting a mature, fully realized, brilliant comedy…I went into the theater expecting cheap jokes and some laughs. What I got was an eleven dollar piece of shit. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie in the theaters that i hated more than this.

But of course it wasn’t good. It starred fucking Danny McBride and he’s never entertained me in anything he was in and the fact that he wrote it doesn’t help either.James Franco and Natalie Portman? Shame on you two.It’s basically a $50M B-movie. Except that half of it seems like it’s trying to be a legitimate comedy.I laughed a bit, but it’s not spectacular by any means. Wait for it to release on Netflix or something.


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