2011 Eastern conference nba playoffs 1st round predictions

1.Chicago vs. 8.Indiana

The Bulls are everyone’s chic pick to reach the finals and with good reason. Derrick Rose and company committed to  playing defense at a championship level on a nightly basis with new coach Tom Thibodeau. They were rewarded with the best record in the NBA and what most would say is a favorable side of the eastern conference bracket.

I don’t believe this will be a sweep but the Pacers will have to hit on all cylinders to extend this series to 6, I don’t see that happening.

Bulls in 5.

2.Miami vs 7.Philadelphia

LeBron James and Dywane Wade are two of the greatest playoff performers in this era. They have carried teams further than a normal star could  have taken them.  They are elite and they are together for their first championship run. Miami’s main problem is the performance of the role players, in the playoffs the spotlight increases but the rotation decreases. The Heat have had problems with lulls in the middle of games when their three stars are not on the floor at same time. All three should be on the floor 45 minutes plus throughout the playoffs and that should be enough for the Heat to coast.

Heat in 5

3.Boston vs 6.New York

The marquee match up of the first round in the east.  The star power and offensive prowess of the Knicks versus the veteran championship experience of the Celtics. I’m not nearly as high on Carmelo Anthony as most. I think he is a ball stopping high volume shooter that will never lead a team to the finals, but even with that said there is no doubt that the Knicks are a better team with him.  I think his streaky shooting will keep the Knicks in it and eventually kick them out.

Celtics in 6.

4.Orlando vs 5.Atlanta

How much do regular season matchups matter? The way you answer that question has everything to do with who you believe will win this series. The Hawks took the season series 3 to 1, and were 2 -0 against the post trade Magic.  In these wins the Hawks did a wonderful job in neutralizing Dwight and making the supporting parts beat them, and when the threes aren’t falling for the Magic they wont win.Conventional wisdom says the Hawks win but everyone saw the #beatemdown the Magic layed on the Hawks last year. I believe they not only took that playoff series but the psychological edge, and that is what wins this series. The Hawks are a mentally weak team in search of a heart(the worst thing I can say about my favorite team) and that will do them in.

Magic in 7.


1 Response to “2011 Eastern conference nba playoffs 1st round predictions”

  1. April 17, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    Your analysis is great, I agree with you. I also predict both western and eastern playoffs conferences in my blog.

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