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Our generation is the last hope……

I feel that we are our last hope as black people. I think that the black community as a whole should come together every once in a while, and dialog with one another on issue such as aids, pregnancies, education, and unity amongst one another.

Its starts with a few individuals, but we need to make black America aware of whats going on. It starts with up, we have to make the necessary changes to improve communication among each other.

On my own personally issues is, I really feel there is no unity between black men, and women, as there was in the earlier days. I feel the media also portrays images that black people tend to internalize so much, they try to emulate, and become what they see on television whether its music videos or movies.

We have to remove our hate we have for one another whether it be, you low-income, and another family is rich, and so on. I know I still get “Oh you sound white.” I correct them and say no I’m well spoken, taking it off a black or white bias cause is that to say white people sound proper, and black people sound stupid? So I don’t even allow that to be said. There is nothing wrong with you furthering your education or speaking well with intellect.

We need to be a better representation of our selves.


The State Of Hip Hop Music And Culture

Hip Hop is one of the most popular music genres today but I’m really embarrassed about the message in most of the songs. 95% of songs are about being a thug, selling drugs, pimping women, killing each other, just being plain disrespectful. Now niggas have this street credibility thing where they respect and support a rapper much more if he’s involved in criminal activities, gets locked up, etc. This shit is just sad.

The saddest thing is that kind of music is destroying the vulnerable black youth more than anything else. There is this little thing called “social proof” meaning when people see other people who look like them from the same area doing certain things, lots of them will do it too. That is why bad rap music affects black youngsters, and not white youngsters. White people just find the message interesting because they are not used to it and not affected by it. It’s the black kid living in the same housing project that rapper came from who will emulate what he hears in the songs because the rapper makes it cool.

The record labels being run by the elite don’t care and will keep promoting criminals and former criminals the most. The black billionaires like the former BET owner and Oprah Winfrey are all uncle toms who don’t really care about their own people. These people had the power to make a change in hip hop culture but didn’t.

In fact BET promoted the worst parts of black culture and was an outlet for other races to laugh at us. BET would play the worst rap songs all week, the worst black movies all week and then on sunday would turn into a gospel channel promoting the church ( don’t even start with me on the black church). The black church has done more damage to black people than any other organization.


Hangover:Thailand Edition

The first time I went to go see it,my friend wanted to leave because he already hated the first 45 minutes.We got in for free anyways so it as just killing time on a Thursday night.

This time around my cousins wanted to see it and again we were getting in for free cause we know the manager.

It was enjoyable albeit rather lackluster compared to the first awkwardly amusing but nothing amazing.The shock value and surprise factor from the first one is gone because it is almost identical to the first one except they are in a new city!It had its moments: Paul Giamatti! Mike Tyson awkwardly singing and dancing! It was funny It was entertaining it just wasn’t anything special.

But it has a built-in fan base that will (AND DID!) come out in droves to see it in theatres. It was one busy ass weekend for this movie the people who see it will not care  about the fact that it mirrors the first one.They just want to laugh and laugh they shall.

These guys are supposed to be assholes no one would like in real life except maybe Alan but I think you are supposed to feel bad for him because he has social issues.

Was I surprised Stu got banged up the ass by a transsexual? No. Was I surprised Mr. Chow showed off his barely there penis? No. The concept been done before, in a movie called Hangover but like I said, I chuckled, just do not expect a lot from it.

Rating: D+



I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. The concept was amazing to me. I have always wondered the concept of our brains only using 20%, and what if we were able to tap into the full 100%. The fact that this movie even exists made me excited to watch it.Plus, Bradley Cooper in anything that’s not “The Hangover” was amazing. This post was supposed to simply state that I had viewed the movie, and not actually develop into a small review. However, it has become long enough so I’ll proceed.

Like I said, concept was brilliant, the whole idea behind it etc. The execution? Good. Not brilliant; as I had hoped it would be, but good. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, just can’t help but feel that more could have been done with it. Ironically, the movie itself could have done with an NZT-48 pill; and allow the idea and concept behind it to take the movie to bigger and more spectacular levels.

The ending was not predictable. I always think the worst thing imaginable happening. I always assume a character that grandeur will get destroyed and I was happily surprised at Eddie’s outcome.Robert De Niro played a small role, but he did it wonderfully.The science of this film is something I’m particularly interested in.It was very interesting to see this played on screen.The screenplay is based of a novel called “The Dark Fields” and I think I might look into it, and see if I want to read it.This has easily become one of my top 10 favorite movies.

Rating: A
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Fellas brace yourselves:There is a new Beyonce Album on the horizon….

Get ready for every simple-minded female to reinvent herself and align her beliefs to whatever Beyonce is currently saying.

A few years ago,bitches wanted a “Soldier”,then they were a “Diva” and saying “You Must not know bout me”.Had too many females looking at their man like “Go ahead and get gone, call up that chick and see if she’ home” even when the relationship was easy breezy sailing.The there was “if you like then you betta put a ring on it” phase .Yeah this could get ugly.

This time around, if Beyonce says it’s all about space travel, these hoes are gonna try to build spaceships.I don’t hate Beyonce but marketing makes me wanna rip my hair out because it works. These bitches were singing the fuck outta this single ladies shit. Bitch,you making 87 mil a year?

I was having a conversion about music the one day and my friend brought up Beyonce. I told her I thought she was a decent artist but her music is generic, her lyrical content is childish and she is nowhere near as great as some people make her out to be. This girl was literally about to cry because I thought Beyonce wasn’t great. You would think Beyonce was paying her fans bills or related to them because of the way they defend her. It’s disgusting.

If she is your favorite artist, I apologize but I cannot take you seriously.


It’s time to say goodbye to Phil Or,for a lack of better words,the triangle.

Phil Jackson, an NBA coach with 9 championship...

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I know a lot of Phil supporters will find this outrageous, but I believe that it will be a good time to say goodbye to Phil Jackson. The triangle offense just isn’t what it used to be. Players these days aren’t as smart as the players 10-15 years ago because talent and skill has superseded the importance of basic fundamentals. The game is more geared to a European style, with a four man spread, drive and kicks and pick and rolls, as the Mavericks showed us all. Another problem I’ve had with the triangle is the lack of activity that generally happens around the trade deadline because of the fact that the triangle is so hard to pick up. Look at Steve Blake, the guy was a shell of himself this whole season, and he said numerous times that he was still trying to learn the offense. When you have players second guessing themselves on whats going on within the offensive set, it’s never good. Players tend to start playing like robots, rather than playing like basketball players. It’s no coincidence that during the Phil era, the pg position has always been the weakest. I know a lot of people will say 11 championships, but like everything else, the game of basketball evolves. Having a pg that can run the offense, dictate tempo, and set the defensive tone nowadays is just as important as having an enforcer down low. This is the reason why I kind of hope we don’t really go for Brian Shaw for the next head coach. If he’s going to go ahead and run the triangle, we’re just going to be seeing the same type of game from these Lakers. I love what Rick Adelman was able to do with Houston, and even though he never beat us, in Sacramento, I feel that he’ll devise a great scheme to go with Kobe and company. The Laker team has great potential to be a very fun team to watch, and although the roster is up in the air, I still feel if anything, we’ll be a lot better next season. Here’s to a great off-season. Let’s prove the haters wrong.


Priest Review

Priest is an average movie that takes a lot of inspiration from Matrix wire-fu, old west post-apocalyptic Mad Max western costuming, even a Blade Runner type city, yeah like I said a lot of inspiration. Paul Bettany as the main character is more like a grizzled voice tough guy but nothing wrong with that in my mind and he looks like complete badass in the action scenes. Some of his best moments are actually with Maggie Q that don’t involve any action whatsoever. Gigandet who I really don’t like does not play his usual douchebag role like in his past films but really does nothing beside push some of the arcs in the story. Maggie Q can play the ass-kicking babe in her sleep by now but does have a pretty cool action scene with a rope dart that’s pretty damn cool, while Collins, in her limited screen time is decent as the damsel in distress. Then comes Karl Urban who  had a very cool moment as Black Hat orchestrating while attacking a city that you briefly see in the trailers.

The movie offers different levels of vampires, from the eyeless CG vampires to “the familiars” (yes like Blade 2) who serve as the vampires’ human acolytes. Action-wise, there’s a sequence set in a vampire lair where Priest and Hicks find themselves in a trap that’s kind of cool and shows off one of Priest cool weapons and while the movie offers enough action and cool bits to probably hold are interest when it’s happening, it is not something groundbreaking that we have not seen before with the movies I have already mentioned.

All in all, Priest was a descent enough action movie that kept entertained for the end and while it did have some long drawn out parts the action scenes picked them up and some interesting twists and turns along the way as well. Priest was not perfect but it was terrible either, the effects in the movie were pretty cool too along with the CG vampires who didn’t look to hard to make (then again I don’t do effects so nevermind the statement).The movie is in 3D but the 3D didn’t really stand out to me so if you have a choice save the extra couple bucks and see it in 2D.

Rating: B-

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