Lakers Are Swept.Road To Rebuilding beings.

How the mighty have fallen.

Back to back to back finals appearances had to stop sometime.But I most definitely didn’t think it would end like this.

Congrats to Dallas for being the better team this series.They didn’t only destroy the triangle,they were monsters on the outside.

Well at least the bandwagon will be smaller next year.Time to rebuild for the Post-Phil Era.Time to make some moves.We need a PG;a young athletic PG preferably.Hate to say it but Pau,Bynum.One of you might not be there next year.GET RID OF MATT FUCKING BARNES.

Kobe needs to change his game a little bit starting next season.Everyone knows it, Kobe Bryant is getting older every season and is reaching the end of the tunnel (which is still another 4-5 years).But we know he is not the athletic young kid he used to be, his body is beaten up, and he may not be the prolific scorer he once was but can definitely still score with the best of them.

Although you do see it at times, Kobe really needs to start posting up in the paint and working in his fadeaway. He has the best footwork in basketball at the guard position (even for any position). The days of him shooting long two pointers and trying nail the three ball all game long need to be put away for good. Kobe is still going to be Kobe, don’t get me wrong. But as much as I want him to drive to the basket, the man simply does not get the elite treatment from the refs anymore.

I hope Ron Artest spends the summer learning how to shoot, instead of putting together an album.We are stuck with him because no other team wants his awful contract.I don’t see why developing a jumper should be such a rough task,Trevor Ariza developed one on the fly.When you have a dude who cant shoot, the floor doesnt get stretched, look at how dallas pick us apart;thats all it was.I’m not surprised and i did brace myself because I knew this team isnt that mentally tough, especially when you think about how Bynum, Odom and Artest imploded with cheap shots.

No excuses for Pau Gasol.He has been terrible and there’s no denying it. Absent in these playoffs,absent virtually all season long.Seeing Kobe pull up for a shot, instead passing it off to an open Gasol who had his back turned, just knew it’s over. He has to be gone, somehow. This franchise has maxed him out, either persue Dwight, or start the building of and around Bynum early.

Lamar Odom played the best season of his career.MAKE THAT MAN A STARTER IN THE 2011-2012 SEASON!!!!!

No excuses.

This concludes the Los Angeles Lakers road to 3-Peat.

Enjoy the summer.Hopefully this sweep humbled you.Players and fans alike.


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