Straight off the top,I am not Thor fan.I know he is one of the most interesting characters Marvel has. This movie was GREAT!!! The casting to start with was dean on. Chris Hemsworth did a great job as the god of thunder. Odin was also a bang on casting call;Anthony Hopkins like usual delivers big time. Natalie Portman was alright,she had a few weak spots but I think that has more to do with the script than her. Colm Feore put in work with King Louefy.Real underrated performance right there.

The story was really well thought out, I really liked the way the introduced the mythology and did a very short origin story and boom right into the main arc. That scene between Loki and Odin was awesome,it built motives and emotion for both characters. Another great scene with Helmsworth that I didn’t think he had in him. Something that I thought was done really well was the Magic/Technology/Science parallel it makes it so real, yet still fantastic. They also set up the Avengers movie amazingly with Renner as Hawkeye.I like the way he’s being portrayed. A major critique would be that at times they were a little too campy.

The part of the movie that sucked was Thor’s dipshit friends. Why? Why does he hang out with santa claus and jackie chan and xena and robin hood. I loved how they made fun of that shit. Because it looks fucking stupid. They were really fucking stupid. It was nice watching them fight. But never give them more than 45 seconds of screen-time.

But yeah, it was a good action movie. It entertained me. It did its job.


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