Priest Review

Priest is an average movie that takes a lot of inspiration from Matrix wire-fu, old west post-apocalyptic Mad Max western costuming, even a Blade Runner type city, yeah like I said a lot of inspiration. Paul Bettany as the main character is more like a grizzled voice tough guy but nothing wrong with that in my mind and he looks like complete badass in the action scenes. Some of his best moments are actually with Maggie Q that don’t involve any action whatsoever. Gigandet who I really don’t like does not play his usual douchebag role like in his past films but really does nothing beside push some of the arcs in the story. Maggie Q can play the ass-kicking babe in her sleep by now but does have a pretty cool action scene with a rope dart that’s pretty damn cool, while Collins, in her limited screen time is decent as the damsel in distress. Then comes Karl Urban who  had a very cool moment as Black Hat orchestrating while attacking a city that you briefly see in the trailers.

The movie offers different levels of vampires, from the eyeless CG vampires to “the familiars” (yes like Blade 2) who serve as the vampires’ human acolytes. Action-wise, there’s a sequence set in a vampire lair where Priest and Hicks find themselves in a trap that’s kind of cool and shows off one of Priest cool weapons and while the movie offers enough action and cool bits to probably hold are interest when it’s happening, it is not something groundbreaking that we have not seen before with the movies I have already mentioned.

All in all, Priest was a descent enough action movie that kept entertained for the end and while it did have some long drawn out parts the action scenes picked them up and some interesting twists and turns along the way as well. Priest was not perfect but it was terrible either, the effects in the movie were pretty cool too along with the CG vampires who didn’t look to hard to make (then again I don’t do effects so nevermind the statement).The movie is in 3D but the 3D didn’t really stand out to me so if you have a choice save the extra couple bucks and see it in 2D.

Rating: B-


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