Fellas brace yourselves:There is a new Beyonce Album on the horizon….

Get ready for every simple-minded female to reinvent herself and align her beliefs to whatever Beyonce is currently saying.

A few years ago,bitches wanted a “Soldier”,then they were a “Diva” and saying “You Must not know bout me”.Had too many females looking at their man like “Go ahead and get gone, call up that chick and see if she’ home” even when the relationship was easy breezy sailing.The there was “if you like then you betta put a ring on it” phase .Yeah this could get ugly.

This time around, if Beyonce says it’s all about space travel, these hoes are gonna try to build spaceships.I don’t hate Beyonce but marketing makes me wanna rip my hair out because it works. These bitches were singing the fuck outta this single ladies shit. Bitch,you making 87 mil a year?

I was having a conversion about music the one day and my friend brought up Beyonce. I told her I thought she was a decent artist but her music is generic, her lyrical content is childish and she is nowhere near as great as some people make her out to be. This girl was literally about to cry because I thought Beyonce wasn’t great. You would think Beyonce was paying her fans bills or related to them because of the way they defend her. It’s disgusting.

If she is your favorite artist, I apologize but I cannot take you seriously.


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