I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. The concept was amazing to me. I have always wondered the concept of our brains only using 20%, and what if we were able to tap into the full 100%. The fact that this movie even exists made me excited to watch it.Plus, Bradley Cooper in anything that’s not “The Hangover” was amazing. This post was supposed to simply state that I had viewed the movie, and not actually develop into a small review. However, it has become long enough so I’ll proceed.

Like I said, concept was brilliant, the whole idea behind it etc. The execution? Good. Not brilliant; as I had hoped it would be, but good. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, just can’t help but feel that more could have been done with it. Ironically, the movie itself could have done with an NZT-48 pill; and allow the idea and concept behind it to take the movie to bigger and more spectacular levels.

The ending was not predictable. I always think the worst thing imaginable happening. I always assume a character that grandeur will get destroyed and I was happily surprised at Eddie’s outcome.Robert De Niro played a small role, but he did it wonderfully.The science of this film is something I’m particularly interested in.It was very interesting to see this played on screen.The screenplay is based of a novel called “The Dark Fields” and I think I might look into it, and see if I want to read it.This has easily become one of my top 10 favorite movies.

Rating: A
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