Hangover:Thailand Edition

The first time I went to go see it,my friend wanted to leave because he already hated the first 45 minutes.We got in for free anyways so it as just killing time on a Thursday night.

This time around my cousins wanted to see it and again we were getting in for free cause we know the manager.

It was enjoyable albeit rather lackluster compared to the first awkwardly amusing but nothing amazing.The shock value and surprise factor from the first one is gone because it is almost identical to the first one except they are in a new city!It had its moments: Paul Giamatti! Mike Tyson awkwardly singing and dancing! It was funny It was entertaining it just wasn’t anything special.

But it has a built-in fan base that will (AND DID!) come out in droves to see it in theatres. It was one busy ass weekend for this movie the people who see it will not care  about the fact that it mirrors the first one.They just want to laugh and laugh they shall.

These guys are supposed to be assholes no one would like in real life except maybe Alan but I think you are supposed to feel bad for him because he has social issues.

Was I surprised Stu got banged up the ass by a transsexual? No. Was I surprised Mr. Chow showed off his barely there penis? No. The concept been done before, in a movie called Hangover but like I said, I chuckled, just do not expect a lot from it.

Rating: D+


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