The State Of Hip Hop Music And Culture

Hip Hop is one of the most popular music genres today but I’m really embarrassed about the message in most of the songs. 95% of songs are about being a thug, selling drugs, pimping women, killing each other, just being plain disrespectful. Now niggas have this street credibility thing where they respect and support a rapper much more if he’s involved in criminal activities, gets locked up, etc. This shit is just sad.

The saddest thing is that kind of music is destroying the vulnerable black youth more than anything else. There is this little thing called “social proof” meaning when people see other people who look like them from the same area doing certain things, lots of them will do it too. That is why bad rap music affects black youngsters, and not white youngsters. White people just find the message interesting because they are not used to it and not affected by it. It’s the black kid living in the same housing project that rapper came from who will emulate what he hears in the songs because the rapper makes it cool.

The record labels being run by the elite don’t care and will keep promoting criminals and former criminals the most. The black billionaires like the former BET owner and Oprah Winfrey are all uncle toms who don’t really care about their own people. These people had the power to make a change in hip hop culture but didn’t.

In fact BET promoted the worst parts of black culture and was an outlet for other races to laugh at us. BET would play the worst rap songs all week, the worst black movies all week and then on sunday would turn into a gospel channel promoting the church ( don’t even start with me on the black church). The black church has done more damage to black people than any other organization.


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