Our generation is the last hope……

I feel that we are our last hope as black people. I think that the black community as a whole should come together every once in a while, and dialog with one another on issue such as aids, pregnancies, education, and unity amongst one another.

Its starts with a few individuals, but we need to make black America aware of whats going on. It starts with up, we have to make the necessary changes to improve communication among each other.

On my own personally issues is, I really feel there is no unity between black men, and women, as there was in the earlier days. I feel the media also portrays images that black people tend to internalize so much, they try to emulate, and become what they see on television whether its music videos or movies.

We have to remove our hate we have for one another whether it be, you low-income, and another family is rich, and so on. I know I still get “Oh you sound white.” I correct them and say no I’m well spoken, taking it off a black or white bias cause is that to say white people sound proper, and black people sound stupid? So I don’t even allow that to be said. There is nothing wrong with you furthering your education or speaking well with intellect.

We need to be a better representation of our selves.


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