Captain America:FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

 You are now listening to the song from “Team America:World Police” in your head.

 Captain America: The First Avenger proves to be a pleasant surprise, a “Raiders of The Lost Ark”-style adventure for the Marvel superhero genre.  Its superb performances (namely Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, and Hugo Weaving), witty and well-rounded script, and solid direction from Joe Johnston guide it to the throne of best hero-pic since Iron Man.

Pulling deeply and appropriately from the worn pages of comic books past, the film is charmingly retro, warmly old-fashioned, and endlessly fun.  Its World War II-era portrayal of American propaganda, state nationalism, optimistic futurism, and 1940s social culture is supremely engaging, creatively utilizing numerous methods, including musical theater, to set the delightful, crowd-pleasing tone.  The visual effects are pure magic and utterly believable (especially in the case of the Red Skull’s chilling appearance), along with a fantastic score from Alan Silvestri and visionary art direction from a handful of Hollywood’s most-talented.

This is a huge step up from Thor folks, a Spielberg-coated wonder that will leave you constantly on the edge of your seat, constantly hoping for more even as the credits roll.

It takes quite a show for me to admit I love a Marvel superhero film, but The First Avenger is simply too good to ignore (and uniquely, so is the 3D!).  It’s as good as comic book adaptations get, especially in how faithful it remains to its root material.

There’s never been anything quite like this one to grace the silver screen in live-action format; I think this just might be the popcorn-chomping superhero film with the vision and power we’ve all been waiting for.

Captain America:The First Avenger defines what summer at the movies is all about.

Rating: A


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