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Can you see what I see?

Our generation has access to any and all information that exists in the world (thanks to the internet) and growing up alongside technology that is advancing at an incredible rate means we are probably smarter than any generation before us, if not simply for the amount of information we take in every single day.
I think the problem is that so many of us take this information for granted, we all know its there but none of us feel like harnessing the true potential of it. We are too content with our facebook and our wikipedia and youtube to really accomplish anything huge. Modern society has become so lazy and apathetic that it feels that the only thing that will change is technology, not the people. If we don’t do anything drastic or even attempt change than what change could happen?

Which begs the question, who really wants change? If you have everything at your fingertips, the worlds knowledge at the click of a button, what else could you ask for? I think the only thing that will make us evolve or grow as a people is when that information is gone. Lets say the internet is shut down, with so many people utterly reliant (and pretty much its slave) it will either force us to adapt to a new world or descend into chaos. IF the internet was suddenly shut down, it could destroy entire nations because we rely so heavily on it, for our banking and spending, for our global economies to function. This is the real problem.

With the entire world relying on an unseen network, cables and computers to control our lives, we have no idea what to do when this network bites the dust.
The computer age provides us with the potential to get humanity to reach a point that would have once seemed impossible, but we are using it for control.
The internet is the last haven of freedom for free speech and unbiased news, how long until that changes? Maybe that is what we need to spark a revolution, a revolution for net freedom. Shut down facebook and youtube and watch those apathetic teenagers turn into blood thirsty freedom fighters.


Logotype of the United States Army

And its done.

After a period of studying and patience,I have scored enough to enlist in the United States Army.

And after a long tedious day at MEPS,I am officially a Private Rank Soldier.

On August 29th,2011, I will ship out to Fort Jackson,South Carolina and begin my Basic Training.And two days after I complete my Basic Training,I will go to Fort Lee,Virginia for Food Operations training.

Altogether I will be away from home for almost three months.

In the end of it all I will return a new man.New attitude.New look.

Be prepared.

On a unrelated note:I have been awake for more than 24 hours.


Now that birth control is free what’s gonna be the excuse now?

I often hear things like “it was an accident”, “I mad a mistake” or “birth control is expensive and hard to get”. F.Y.I PEOPLE, A MISTAKE AND A DECISION ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.…ntrol-for-all/

All these chicks getting knocked up by dudes who they know are not the father material in the first place. Will this stop them/cut back from producing problem children and sucking even MORE MONEY out the system? will this cut back/stop females from making a “mistake”(aka bad & stupid decision)? will it cut back on the title “single mother”?

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