Dear Lakers General Manager,

I understand that you are on the verge of deciding Pau Gasol’s fate of either being traded of kept for the team. If I could voice my opinion, I would say to please keep him, for various reasons. For one thing, even after Pau was not traded for money to make room for the possible Chris Paul acquirement, he understood it was just a business and still came to the Laker practices. He showed a sense of maturity and no serious hard feelings. He displays a level of chemistry with his teammates that push the Lakers, although not at their prime, to still win games. He shows so much energy and gives everything he has on the court. He has definitely played better than last season’s playoff games, and I can feel that he is trying to make up for that performance. Back on the chemistry topic, Kobe is a player levels above most players in the NBA, so he feels the need to shoulder the team, but with Pau Gasol, Kobe won’t feel too pressured. It takes a level of skill to have Kobe’s trust like that. On performance-wise, Pau Gasol is still top-ranked among the bigs of the league to be extremely versatile in not only posting up and creating space by boxing out to a rebound, and defending with power, but also has range beyond the paint, basketball I.Q. that allows him to see several moves ahead, and quick hands to create assist’s to his teammates.

As you can see from the Game today, his teammates gave him opportunities to prove himself worthy of staying on the Lakers. His teammates still want him there.

So please Mitch Kupchak, think long and hard when making this decision.

Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

A Laker Fan


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