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Thank you Mr.Fisher

Look, I was just as shocked as any Laker fan out there after finding out that Derek Fisher had been traded away.  I really don’t think anybody saw this coming.  Not any NBA scribe or “expert” analyst, not any of the Laker players themselves, certainly not Fish himself.  Heck, not even Miss Cleo could have seen this one coming.  Truly left field status man..  But I didn’t want to see him go.  I just figured dude should ride the bench and quietly bow out into a Laker front office or coaching staff job or something.

I mean…wow.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and gathered my suddenly scattered thoughts, I tried to make sense of this trade immediately, right along with the other trade the Lakers made in getting Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.  For the specifics on the Fisher to the Houston Rockets trade, he and a first round pick was being sent there in exchange for young big man Jordan Hill.  In the other deal made, Laker small forwards Luke Walton and Jason Kapono were shipped off to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for the point guarded that they needed, Ramon Sessions, and athletic wing Christian Eyenga.

As stated previously, I’ve been on board with the Ramon Sessions deal ever since I caught wind of the Lakers showing interest in him.  He’s the young, quick, efficient point guard that the they have needed this whole season.  As for Christian Eyenga, he’s still far from being NBA ready and lacks much polish.  However, he’s a freak of an athlete and could make some contributions if he earns himself some playing time.  My guess is that he’ll be sent to the D-League for some more seasoning and the Lakers can evaluate him more from there.  But yeah, this deal right here is aces all around kids.  Mitch sent off two of the Lakers’ worst players (along with their worst contract in Luke Walton) and addressed their need at point guard.  Salary was shed, the point guard position was upgraded.  Bravo Mitch.

As for the trade that dealt Derek Fisher and a first rounder for Jordan Hill, understandably I found myself inherently against it.  But of course, that was just nostalgia and sentiment causing the knee jerk reaction there.  As soon as I sussed out the positives we could take from this trade, I began to soften my stance.  Basically we traded an unproductive, ancient point guard who was a defensive (and sometimes offensive) liability in Derek Fisher for a young player in Jordan Hill who can provide some front court depth and could contribute right away.  As for the first round pick, it would have been in the high 20’s anyway and I’m thinking Laker management figured that player still wouldn’t be as good as getting Ramon Sessions now anyways.  What’s more, Mitch was shedding even more salary here, thus giving them more flexibility in the future.

I’ve gotta give it to Mitch man, he’s got a tough job and I’m sure that separating his personal affinity for Fish from the business aspect of things was more than likely extremely difficult, especially with how big of a character guy and class act Derek is.

See the thing that doesn’t have me completely on board with this trade with Fish is that the Lakers are losing the only person who not only can corral Kobe’s emotions whenever they go by the wayside (along with his shot selection) but also had the complete trust of his.  This was an iron clad bond that was forged through the wars they’ve encountered together en route to 5 championships.  Derek’s championship caliber leadership and voice of reason on the court and in the Laker locker room cannot be replaced and most of all, neither can his knack for hitting the big shot when it came down to crunch time.

Logically speaking, both deals just made the Lakers younger, better and more flexible salary wise.  For basketball reasons strictly, I’m ecstatic about these moves and can only applaud Mitch for once again making some prudent and crucial moves to keep the Lakers contending for a championship.

But then things like sentiment and nostalgia exist and I start to think about 0.4, the driving and-one layup against the Celtics in the Finals and all the huge three’s Fish hit to seemingly save the Lakers each time.

But hey, showtime must go on and what we have now is a deeper, younger Laker team that’s suddenly back in championship contention.

Derek Fisher. 5 rings. Greatest role player of all time. The now former captain of the Lakers. You will be missed.


Kony 2012 THOUGHTS:

So many people are so ready to jump onto the bandwagon. I for one was never led to think this way because I know for sure that average Americans like to think of Africa a different way. You think hungry children, homelessness, wars.. But you’re just pointing out the “bad” things in Africa and Uganda. Africa as a whole in not all like this. It’s economically getting better, not perfect or “there yet”, but it is getting to a point where democracy is slowing getting into play. I don’t hate this movement or the idea of it. I hate how people just jump at things when they don’t know the straight truth. Did you look up or even research the organization of Invisible Children before you cried and truly was won over after ONE touchy video on YT? No. That’s what bothers me the most. This has been going on for YEARS, and it still is in certain part of the world. Starvation, hunger, .. Not only in Uganda, but in other third world countries. You never cared, until YT told you differently. So,.. just be careful in what you believe in. Because media is so highly influencing in this generation that we believe what ever we see or say. As a political science major I critic things I see about the world, before I even believe. KNOW YOUR STUFF. Before you even go head first, and realize that the media does have a messed up way to win our hearts and minds over.


Oh when the Saints ain’t marching in.

The New Orleans Saints violated one of the NFL’s biggest rules.

Led by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams—who now is the DC of the Rams—sparked a bounty for hard hits. According to, players received $1500 for a knockout hit and $1000 for a cart-off hit. Money would be raised in the playoffs.

The Saints are going to be hit hard by the NFL for this. Williams could face multi-season suspensions; meanwhile the Saints are in trouble of losing a lot of money, draft picks, and players via suspension.

Williams publically apologized, but that can’t make up for what the Saints did on the football field. If you look back at the 2009 and 2010 playoffs, when they terrorized quarterbacks like Kurt Warner and Brett Favre down after down after down, New Orleans played nauseatingly reckless.

The Saints lost a lot of respect today, and are going to be destroyed with penalties.

The Saints will be made into an example. I’m starting to think we can expect approximately double the penalties. So say goodbye to 2 1st rounders and millions in fines.

The GM lied to your owner about a situation that’s going to whack him for millions in his wallet. He could get canned.

Players who participated could be suspended. There are roughly 27 Saints players who participated in the last 3 years. Who knows how many are still with the team, but many of their starters could be facing suspensions this year. Their defense could be decimated for multiple games. Payton could be suspended as well. An 0-3 start could put your 2012 season right in the shitter. With the possibility of no 1st round pick for the 2013 and 2014 drafts and salary cap issues, this is very bad news. And I still haven’t touched on the blow to the Saints prestige or the “payback” motivation that other teams will have out for them.


The Fall of Lamar Odom

Everything went downhill after marrying the ugly Kardashian.

From the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks and finally, the NBA Development League.

The Mavericks said on Friday that Lamar Odom is headed to the D-League for one game so he can get his basketball legs back after a brief stint away from the team.

The former sixth-man award winner will reportedly suit up for the Texas Legends during the D-League team’s home game on Saturday night, though he is expected to rejoin the Mavericks when the team takes on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night.

Odom has been absent since Feb. 22, saying he had to tend to a family matter, causing him to miss four straight games after leaving the club. His basketball family is now left wondering if they’re going to get back the Odom who was a productive bench player for the Lakers, or the man who has only averaged 7.7 points per game in 32 games with Dallas.

“When he comes back, we’re going to find out very quickly where things are at,” Carlisle said on the ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s “Galloway & Co.” “He’s going to have to show us with his actions and attitude that he’s in.”

It doesn’t help Odom that even the gossip pages are reporting on his demotion to the D-League, which perhaps has a little something to do with his marriage to a Kardashian.

Odom’s numbers are down in mostly every statistical category this year.

He’s averaging 10 less minutes than he did a year ago with the Lakers, and he’s averaging half as many rebounds compared to last season.

“Our fans want to know that Lamar’s in,” Carlisle added on ESPN Radio. “Our players want to know that Lamar’s in. It’s not about how many points he’s scoring or rebounds; those things are a factor. Our fans, our players want to see the guy playing like his pants are on fire and we haven’t seen that so far and that’s got to change.”

Lamar Odom to D-League for 1 Game

They claim he will only be in the D-League for 1 game to get his “basketball legs back up under him”


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