Kony 2012 THOUGHTS:

So many people are so ready to jump onto the bandwagon. I for one was never led to think this way because I know for sure that average Americans like to think of Africa a different way. You think hungry children, homelessness, wars.. But you’re just pointing out the “bad” things in Africa and Uganda. Africa as a whole in not all like this. It’s economically getting better, not perfect or “there yet”, but it is getting to a point where democracy is slowing getting into play. I don’t hate this movement or the idea of it. I hate how people just jump at things when they don’t know the straight truth. Did you look up or even research the organization of Invisible Children before you cried and truly was won over after ONE touchy video on YT? No. That’s what bothers me the most. This has been going on for YEARS, and it still is in certain part of the world. Starvation, hunger, .. Not only in Uganda, but in other third world countries. You never cared, until YT told you differently. So,.. just be careful in what you believe in. Because media is so highly influencing in this generation that we believe what ever we see or say. As a political science major I critic things I see about the world, before I even believe. KNOW YOUR STUFF. Before you even go head first, and realize that the media does have a messed up way to win our hearts and minds over.


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