I don’t compete with niggas

So I was at school earlier today getting paperwork ready to take summer classes and ran into this girl I hadn’t seen in like 3 years. We had went to HS together and then moved back into town earlier this year. We kicked it since freshman year and I was digging her but she ended up starting to date this one guy and she’s still with him now.

So we start talking, just reminiscing about hanging out and I just come out and say “you know I was digging you back then, right?”

She responds “Darius, I LIKED YOU TOO!! Why didn’t you say anything?”

And that’s the thing. The nigga she’s with now was all over her when I wasn’t chilling with her. While you’re always “competing” with niggas, I don’t believe in being on no team Edward and team Jacob shit with chicks. Now was she bad? Yes. Was she seemingly cool as fuck? Yeah. Regardless,I’m not gonna be going the extra motherfucking mile to get with a chick. I learned my lesson back in HS. Either you’re interested or not. Courting a girl shouldn’t be comparable to the World Martial Arts Tournament. Especially with my frequently hectic life. Not to mention all the fish in the sea and that jazz.

Am I wrong for this? If a chick seems “worth it”, do you swallow your pride and say fuck it? Is proving yourself even against a direct rival a critical part of courting that is unwise to back off from?


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