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The Dog,The Train,And The Tail

A dog was walking across the road and came to a railroad track. While crossing the track a train came through and ran over a bit of his tail. The train passed and the dog reached back to get the little piece of his tail. While retrieving it another train came through and ran over his head.

The message is “don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail”. It’s really about staying focus on what really important and on course. I think it’s a topic worth discussion, see how we have countless men losing their jobs, going through legal and financial headaches or worse incarcerated over a piece of tail. We as men must always remain calm, in the know, and logical through all adversity. Especially black men, cause they’re just waiting for a reason to throw us under the bus and take away our stripes. And the last thing you want to lose everything over is a piece of tail.


The Avengers Review

The Avengers
 is arguably one of the most anticipated films of all time. It gives me great joy to announce that, by some insane miracle, IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE.

Ever since Tony Stark was approached by Nick Fury and announced he was “putting a team together” the internet and nerd world has been squirming in anticipation of the giant blockbuster, and after 4 years and 5 films since Ironman first hit the screens we finally have the film.

The film boasts the largest collection of superheroes in one feature, and naturally this begged the question as to how could one director/writer do the concept justice without it being a fucking mess?

The major issue that could have screwed this film in its batty:

  • As with every character, a superhero is supposed to have an insane background story, so, how could one film possibly address all the background stories of 7 heroes and a villain without going for hours and resulting in mass suicides from audience members?

The solution to the major issue that could have screwed this film in its batty:

  • The production company released 5 films where each of the characters were introduced. Some (myself included) may say that making a 5 film franchise (soon to be 6 with Nick Fury getting his own) makes the production company little better than street whores, but they seem to know what they are doing, with all of the films being a great watch.

At first I was against Mark Ruffalo replacing Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk,but I  liked his portrayal especially the antsy part of Banner and his preference to be left alone. Robert Downey Jr. of course does Iron Man as he always has, delivering his arrogant and cheeky lines with a good dose of sarcasm. The villain, Loki, was also an interesting one. Tom Hiddleston’s facial expressions in the movie is not unlike Heath Ledger’s Joker but Loki is more calm-crazy than hysterical.

In closing,The Avengers embodies what a summer blockbuster is.By far one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen.The 4 year wait was well worth it.



What if I told you May 2nd was one of the most eventful days in sports?

In the NFL, four players were suspended for their connection to the New Orleans Saints’ Bountygate scandal. One player, Saints’ defensive captain Jonathan Vilma, is given the longest suspension in NFL history: an entire season without pay. There are criticisms over suspensions being given out without the Commissioner’s Office releasing any evidence, but that news is quickly drowned out by the apparent suicide of former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau.

In the NBA, Amar’e Stoudemire faces the press after punching an emergency fire extinguisher and cutting his hand. His Knicks are down 0-2 to the defending Conference champion Heat.

The Federal trial of Roger Clemens reached a major impasse, as key witness Andy Pettite– a former teammate of Clemens– calls into question a major piece of evidence by saying he might have misunderstood what Clemens told him. Federal prosecutors have famously bungled the case, as a first trial was declared a mistrial after evidence (Pettite’s testimony, in fact) was declared inadmissible but shown to the jury anyways.

Elsewhere, the Baltimore Orioles defeat division rivals (and former team of Pettite and Clemens) the New York Yankees to post a 16-9 record, good enough for second place in their division. It’s the first time 2008 since that they’ve been in 2nd AND had a winning record. Finally, Southern California native Jered Weaver throws the 274th no-hitter in Major League Baseball history, and the second of the 2012 season, for his hometown LA Angeles.


Who You Trying to Impress?

It’s funny how people can hide behind a little image, they some real great actors but don’t really live it. Who’s to blame for the front these people putting on? It ain’t a swag just a front you niggas putting on. These females wearing fake bags,niggas wearing fake chains, I guess fake people like to hide behind fake things. Same ones quick to say they real but whats the definition, trying to impress others and yourself end up missing. A lot of people black,white,mexican, young,old,fat,skinny have a problem being true to themselves, they have a problem looking into the mirror looking directly into their own soul. That’s the reason I am who I am today, cause I can look directly in my face and find my soul.


Evolution of sex in Hip-Hop, Beneficial to men or women?

There is always that outrage of women saying things about women being degraded in hip hop amongst other stuff. I believe that the sex inspired lyrics in hip hop do benefit men but benefit women also. One of the biggest movies decades ago was “Deep Throat”, it basically a porn with a storyline. It went on to earn more than 500 million dollars in the box office. The plot was that the clitoris was in the back of a women’s throat. That concept would not fly in present day. In present day, you can see a naked women anywhere from walking down the street to a commercial.

Back in the days, people were very uptight about any skin even being shown on beaches. The education system doesn’t tell you other than sperm can get you pregnant and AIDS can kill you. What has schools taught students about the female orgasm? Other than students asking questions, teachers don’t bring it up much. The phenomenon surrounding the movie “Deep Throat” was that this was the first time the actual sexual act of deep throating was seen anywhere outside of a home. The intrigue from families represented something that nobody wanted talk about. Women were not being sexually pleased. The female orgasm has not been at the focus of attention ever socially but when you listen to sex in Hip-hop, besides anything else, the “macho” feeling of men being the catalyst for a women getting her orgasm has actually been beneficial to women sexually.

Now men care about doing a good job with lyrics like “beating it up”. Rap has been the education of sex that schools aren’t teaching. If that’s good for young kids hearing it, that’s a different conversation. The videos that rappers create involving crowds of women offers economic benefits as well. Rappers without any education can still be successful, and now women have a lane to turn to if all doesn’t go well in school. Fans do have their requirements of the rappers they prefer and people do still prefer pretty women so this benefit isn’t for all women and wannabe rappers. All in all, there is a slight benefit that needs to be recognized and women are enjoying that factor of hip-hop more than ever in the bedroom.

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