Who You Trying to Impress?

It’s funny how people can hide behind a little image, they some real great actors but don’t really live it. Who’s to blame for the front these people putting on? It ain’t a swag just a front you niggas putting on. These females wearing fake bags,niggas wearing fake chains, I guess fake people like to hide behind fake things. Same ones quick to say they real but whats the definition, trying to impress others and yourself end up missing. A lot of people black,white,mexican, young,old,fat,skinny have a problem being true to themselves, they have a problem looking into the mirror looking directly into their own soul. That’s the reason I am who I am today, cause I can look directly in my face and find my soul.


3 Responses to “Who You Trying to Impress?”

  1. May 2, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    what’s the relevance between my post and this one ?

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