The Dog,The Train,And The Tail

A dog was walking across the road and came to a railroad track. While crossing the track a train came through and ran over a bit of his tail. The train passed and the dog reached back to get the little piece of his tail. While retrieving it another train came through and ran over his head.

The message is “don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail”. It’s really about staying focus on what really important and on course. I think it’s a topic worth discussion, see how we have countless men losing their jobs, going through legal and financial headaches or worse incarcerated over a piece of tail. We as men must always remain calm, in the know, and logical through all adversity. Especially black men, cause they’re just waiting for a reason to throw us under the bus and take away our stripes. And the last thing you want to lose everything over is a piece of tail.


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