Your Helpful guide to a successful nightclub outing

• First define what a successful night is for you. Mind would be just a little grinding and maybe 2-3 numbers

• Knowing the type of club your going to be going to is key. This will help you better prepare. Do people get loose at this spot or do they just come out to stunt?

• Have a little fucking rhythm for Christ sakes. If you can dance that’s an easy opener plus some girls can’t dance for shit so if you can guide them through rhythm then that’s an opportunity to pull her over to the side after your done and chat her up for a minute.
+ 1 if you can salsa dance.

• Have fun. It’s the club so relax and smile from time to time. Acting a little silly doesn’t hurt either

• Look fucking presentable and wear some sort of ornament that will make you stand out.(Peacocking) A button up and grey pants are cool.. but you need some sort of ornament that will make it easy for women to start a conversation with you

• If she’s watching her friend grind on some guy hardcore She’s more than likely probably down to do the same so go ahead and grab her wrist like a cave man.

• If she’s standing their staring super hard at the dance floor go ahead and grab her wrist like a caveman

• If dancehall music is playing, go ahead and grab her wrist like a caveman.

• As rude as it might seem… grabbing the wrist lightly nudging her into a dance routine usually works for me 77% of the time (maybe cause I don’t look threatening)

• No what time it is. Anytime before 11.. might be a good time to chat with tons of woman for maybe just a few minutes. After 12:30 it turns into a meat market and a lot of times everything is up for grabs (depending on what time the club closes) Plus you can go back to those girls you comfort built with earlier and Bam… your in!

• Don’t approach from behind unless the atmosphere is conducive to that situation. Girls get startled easily so its best to approach from an angle

• If you’re grinding with a girl and you notice through her body language that she’s into you.. Pull her to the side and chat her up some more..i.e Are those your friends? Is that Coral or pink? Are you into Rhythmic Gymnastics?

• Keep that drink in hand. You can get away with a lot when you have a drink in hand

• Dont fear rejection..just wipe it off and move on to the next one. This one chick told me that she had a boyfriend and proceeded to tell me how cool she thought I was….I was like “haha your good… you don’t have to give me an explanation” and then I dipped out. The quicker you can shake it off… the faster you can move on

• Approach like a long-lost friend and not a thirsty nigga.. Compliment her style game without complimenting her physically.

And Fellas… this is a constructive thread So add your tips, tricks and advice…
Nothing is 100% but the more you know the better you can prepare…..Each one teach one!

• oh lastly… Always bring a stack of mints! I stay with a shitload of certs in my back pocket.


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