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Evolution of sex in Hip-Hop, Beneficial to men or women?

There is always that outrage of women saying things about women being degraded in hip hop amongst other stuff. I believe that the sex inspired lyrics in hip hop do benefit men but benefit women also. One of the biggest movies decades ago was “Deep Throat”, it basically a porn with a storyline. It went on to earn more than 500 million dollars in the box office. The plot was that the clitoris was in the back of a women’s throat. That concept would not fly in present day. In present day, you can see a naked women anywhere from walking down the street to a commercial.

Back in the days, people were very uptight about any skin even being shown on beaches. The education system doesn’t tell you other than sperm can get you pregnant and AIDS can kill you. What has schools taught students about the female orgasm? Other than students asking questions, teachers don’t bring it up much. The phenomenon surrounding the movie “Deep Throat” was that this was the first time the actual sexual act of deep throating was seen anywhere outside of a home. The intrigue from families represented something that nobody wanted talk about. Women were not being sexually pleased. The female orgasm has not been at the focus of attention ever socially but when you listen to sex in Hip-hop, besides anything else, the “macho” feeling of men being the catalyst for a women getting her orgasm has actually been beneficial to women sexually.

Now men care about doing a good job with lyrics like “beating it up”. Rap has been the education of sex that schools aren’t teaching. If that’s good for young kids hearing it, that’s a different conversation. The videos that rappers create involving crowds of women offers economic benefits as well. Rappers without any education can still be successful, and now women have a lane to turn to if all doesn’t go well in school. Fans do have their requirements of the rappers they prefer and people do still prefer pretty women so this benefit isn’t for all women and wannabe rappers. All in all, there is a slight benefit that needs to be recognized and women are enjoying that factor of hip-hop more than ever in the bedroom.


XXL Freshman Class 2012 Problems


So here’s my beef…..

1. How is Roscoe Dash a Freshman?

2. Weak Class….

Moving forward, I think the breakout artist of this class will be Don Trip. French Montana will be in the game for a while because of MMG, Rick Ross, and Diddy. Machine Gun Kelly will be around for a little amount of time. I feel like he is more of a gimmick than an MC. I’ve heard some good stuff from Kid Ink but I’m not sure how marketable he is. Nothing sets him apart from other artists like him, but once again I haven’t heard much of his work. The rest of you kids will not be around in 2013. This is by far the weakest class I’ve seen thus far and Lil B was on the list last year. Is this really what we have to look forward to?


I Want A Love Like


The State Of Hip Hop Music And Culture

Hip Hop is one of the most popular music genres today but I’m really embarrassed about the message in most of the songs. 95% of songs are about being a thug, selling drugs, pimping women, killing each other, just being plain disrespectful. Now niggas have this street credibility thing where they respect and support a rapper much more if he’s involved in criminal activities, gets locked up, etc. This shit is just sad.

The saddest thing is that kind of music is destroying the vulnerable black youth more than anything else. There is this little thing called “social proof” meaning when people see other people who look like them from the same area doing certain things, lots of them will do it too. That is why bad rap music affects black youngsters, and not white youngsters. White people just find the message interesting because they are not used to it and not affected by it. It’s the black kid living in the same housing project that rapper came from who will emulate what he hears in the songs because the rapper makes it cool.

The record labels being run by the elite don’t care and will keep promoting criminals and former criminals the most. The black billionaires like the former BET owner and Oprah Winfrey are all uncle toms who don’t really care about their own people. These people had the power to make a change in hip hop culture but didn’t.

In fact BET promoted the worst parts of black culture and was an outlet for other races to laugh at us. BET would play the worst rap songs all week, the worst black movies all week and then on sunday would turn into a gospel channel promoting the church ( don’t even start with me on the black church). The black church has done more damage to black people than any other organization.


Fellas brace yourselves:There is a new Beyonce Album on the horizon….

Get ready for every simple-minded female to reinvent herself and align her beliefs to whatever Beyonce is currently saying.

A few years ago,bitches wanted a “Soldier”,then they were a “Diva” and saying “You Must not know bout me”.Had too many females looking at their man like “Go ahead and get gone, call up that chick and see if she’ home” even when the relationship was easy breezy sailing.The there was “if you like then you betta put a ring on it” phase .Yeah this could get ugly.

This time around, if Beyonce says it’s all about space travel, these hoes are gonna try to build spaceships.I don’t hate Beyonce but marketing makes me wanna rip my hair out because it works. These bitches were singing the fuck outta this single ladies shit. Bitch,you making 87 mil a year?

I was having a conversion about music the one day and my friend brought up Beyonce. I told her I thought she was a decent artist but her music is generic, her lyrical content is childish and she is nowhere near as great as some people make her out to be. This girl was literally about to cry because I thought Beyonce wasn’t great. You would think Beyonce was paying her fans bills or related to them because of the way they defend her. It’s disgusting.

If she is your favorite artist, I apologize but I cannot take you seriously.

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