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Did Kanye Lose ? Humphries Being Sued For Giving Woman Herpes

It has been revealed that Kim Kardashian ex husband to be, basketball player Kris Humphries, is being sued by a woman who say he allegedly gave her herpes.

The woman, Kayla Goldberg said she met the baller in August 2010 at the Newsroom Cafe in LA. The met up later that night at a club on Sunset Blvd.


(pic of said woman)

After partying, the suit claims the two had sex multiple times at his hotel. This includes multiple sex. During a portion of the sexual encounters, it was said Humphries did not wear a condom.

He didn’t give her any forewarning that he had herpes according to the suit. Goldberg was diagnosed with the STD a week later.

Along with unspecified damages, Goldberg is suing for sexual battery claiming Kris knew he had herpes with the got together and didn’t even tell her.


The number one sin you can commit as a mack

The number one sin you can commit as a mack…the absolute worst thing you can do in your dealings with a female…believe it or not, it ain’t cheating. It’s not playing the role of Captain Save-A- Hoe, though I wouldn’t recommend blowing the dust off that old cape tucked away in the back of your closet. (Hopefully by now you’ve burned that joint to a charred crisp!)

The biggest sin you can commit as a mack is to be boring. That’s right; I said BORING!Nothing will drive a woman away faster; nothing will make her seek the company of another man quicker, than for you to turn into a love song on her.

What I’m talking about here is being predictable; failing to be a challenge anymore; no longer being the mysterious, intriguing guy you were when she first fell for you. There’s a danger that comes once you begin to get comfortable with a female. This is usually when you start letting your Mack guard down. You start falling back into old simpish ways and behavior: phone checks, being quick to answer her every call, spending all your free time around her, questioning her every movement and demanding an account of where she’s been for the past hour…or giving an account of your own whereabouts whenever she asks.

When you’ve put your best Mack moves into practice and snatched yourself a good one, and after you’ve spent some time with her, this is when you are the most vulnerable. This is when a female will really test you to see what you’re made of. That’s why this Macking thing has to be solid down in you. It’s got to become a part of your very DNA. You have to get to the place where you eat, sleep and breathe this Macking!

If you’re play-macking out here, you will get found out. You’re eventually gonna slip; and when you do, instead of the Mack Within coming to the forefront, the Simp Within will show up in his place. And the female you’re dealing with will know that you ain’t true to the game you’ve been spitting. She’ll know you’ve been perpetrating a fraud. And eventually you’ll get dropped like all the other simps. So don’t become a victim of your own lack of discipline! Get this Macking down in you for real, and anchor yourself to it like a ship to the ocean’s floor.

There’s a saying: the things you did to get her are the things you need to do to keep her. This is usually quoted in reference to doing simpish things like buying gifts and flowers; but it’s doubly true when it comes to being a true to the game Mack.

Don’t relax; never let your guard down. Be on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep them women guessing about your next move. Keep them intrigued with the level of your wisdom and knowledge. Keep them on their toes when they try throwing temper tantrums on you. Stay looking sharp and dressing fly. And never let them get away with even the subtlest form of disrespect.

And above all: never, ever become boring and predictable.


Evolution of sex in Hip-Hop, Beneficial to men or women?

There is always that outrage of women saying things about women being degraded in hip hop amongst other stuff. I believe that the sex inspired lyrics in hip hop do benefit men but benefit women also. One of the biggest movies decades ago was “Deep Throat”, it basically a porn with a storyline. It went on to earn more than 500 million dollars in the box office. The plot was that the clitoris was in the back of a women’s throat. That concept would not fly in present day. In present day, you can see a naked women anywhere from walking down the street to a commercial.

Back in the days, people were very uptight about any skin even being shown on beaches. The education system doesn’t tell you other than sperm can get you pregnant and AIDS can kill you. What has schools taught students about the female orgasm? Other than students asking questions, teachers don’t bring it up much. The phenomenon surrounding the movie “Deep Throat” was that this was the first time the actual sexual act of deep throating was seen anywhere outside of a home. The intrigue from families represented something that nobody wanted talk about. Women were not being sexually pleased. The female orgasm has not been at the focus of attention ever socially but when you listen to sex in Hip-hop, besides anything else, the “macho” feeling of men being the catalyst for a women getting her orgasm has actually been beneficial to women sexually.

Now men care about doing a good job with lyrics like “beating it up”. Rap has been the education of sex that schools aren’t teaching. If that’s good for young kids hearing it, that’s a different conversation. The videos that rappers create involving crowds of women offers economic benefits as well. Rappers without any education can still be successful, and now women have a lane to turn to if all doesn’t go well in school. Fans do have their requirements of the rappers they prefer and people do still prefer pretty women so this benefit isn’t for all women and wannabe rappers. All in all, there is a slight benefit that needs to be recognized and women are enjoying that factor of hip-hop more than ever in the bedroom.


Kony 2012 THOUGHTS:

So many people are so ready to jump onto the bandwagon. I for one was never led to think this way because I know for sure that average Americans like to think of Africa a different way. You think hungry children, homelessness, wars.. But you’re just pointing out the “bad” things in Africa and Uganda. Africa as a whole in not all like this. It’s economically getting better, not perfect or “there yet”, but it is getting to a point where democracy is slowing getting into play. I don’t hate this movement or the idea of it. I hate how people just jump at things when they don’t know the straight truth. Did you look up or even research the organization of Invisible Children before you cried and truly was won over after ONE touchy video on YT? No. That’s what bothers me the most. This has been going on for YEARS, and it still is in certain part of the world. Starvation, hunger, .. Not only in Uganda, but in other third world countries. You never cared, until YT told you differently. So,.. just be careful in what you believe in. Because media is so highly influencing in this generation that we believe what ever we see or say. As a political science major I critic things I see about the world, before I even believe. KNOW YOUR STUFF. Before you even go head first, and realize that the media does have a messed up way to win our hearts and minds over.


Someone Finally says something worthwhile on Fox News and then they fire him.

So after watching this it begs the question. Do we really have free speech here in America? And after finding out that he got fired because of what he said, I say hell no.




Because if they do, Americans would gather by force and take back what is stolen from them. Everyday they rob and rock our heads with their silly boy games and power struggles. But we too worried about coping whatever letter class beamer for showing off. The majority of people just want to eat, fuck, and sleep. Stupid.

That’s what you get for being honest.


Can you see what I see?

Our generation has access to any and all information that exists in the world (thanks to the internet) and growing up alongside technology that is advancing at an incredible rate means we are probably smarter than any generation before us, if not simply for the amount of information we take in every single day.
I think the problem is that so many of us take this information for granted, we all know its there but none of us feel like harnessing the true potential of it. We are too content with our facebook and our wikipedia and youtube to really accomplish anything huge. Modern society has become so lazy and apathetic that it feels that the only thing that will change is technology, not the people. If we don’t do anything drastic or even attempt change than what change could happen?

Which begs the question, who really wants change? If you have everything at your fingertips, the worlds knowledge at the click of a button, what else could you ask for? I think the only thing that will make us evolve or grow as a people is when that information is gone. Lets say the internet is shut down, with so many people utterly reliant (and pretty much its slave) it will either force us to adapt to a new world or descend into chaos. IF the internet was suddenly shut down, it could destroy entire nations because we rely so heavily on it, for our banking and spending, for our global economies to function. This is the real problem.

With the entire world relying on an unseen network, cables and computers to control our lives, we have no idea what to do when this network bites the dust.
The computer age provides us with the potential to get humanity to reach a point that would have once seemed impossible, but we are using it for control.
The internet is the last haven of freedom for free speech and unbiased news, how long until that changes? Maybe that is what we need to spark a revolution, a revolution for net freedom. Shut down facebook and youtube and watch those apathetic teenagers turn into blood thirsty freedom fighters.


Now that birth control is free what’s gonna be the excuse now?

I often hear things like “it was an accident”, “I mad a mistake” or “birth control is expensive and hard to get”. F.Y.I PEOPLE, A MISTAKE AND A DECISION ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.…ntrol-for-all/

All these chicks getting knocked up by dudes who they know are not the father material in the first place. Will this stop them/cut back from producing problem children and sucking even MORE MONEY out the system? will this cut back/stop females from making a “mistake”(aka bad & stupid decision)? will it cut back on the title “single mother”?

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