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The number one sin you can commit as a mack

The number one sin you can commit as a mack…the absolute worst thing you can do in your dealings with a female…believe it or not, it ain’t cheating. It’s not playing the role of Captain Save-A- Hoe, though I wouldn’t recommend blowing the dust off that old cape tucked away in the back of your closet. (Hopefully by now you’ve burned that joint to a charred crisp!)

The biggest sin you can commit as a mack is to be boring. That’s right; I said BORING!Nothing will drive a woman away faster; nothing will make her seek the company of another man quicker, than for you to turn into a love song on her.

What I’m talking about here is being predictable; failing to be a challenge anymore; no longer being the mysterious, intriguing guy you were when she first fell for you. There’s a danger that comes once you begin to get comfortable with a female. This is usually when you start letting your Mack guard down. You start falling back into old simpish ways and behavior: phone checks, being quick to answer her every call, spending all your free time around her, questioning her every movement and demanding an account of where she’s been for the past hour…or giving an account of your own whereabouts whenever she asks.

When you’ve put your best Mack moves into practice and snatched yourself a good one, and after you’ve spent some time with her, this is when you are the most vulnerable. This is when a female will really test you to see what you’re made of. That’s why this Macking thing has to be solid down in you. It’s got to become a part of your very DNA. You have to get to the place where you eat, sleep and breathe this Macking!

If you’re play-macking out here, you will get found out. You’re eventually gonna slip; and when you do, instead of the Mack Within coming to the forefront, the Simp Within will show up in his place. And the female you’re dealing with will know that you ain’t true to the game you’ve been spitting. She’ll know you’ve been perpetrating a fraud. And eventually you’ll get dropped like all the other simps. So don’t become a victim of your own lack of discipline! Get this Macking down in you for real, and anchor yourself to it like a ship to the ocean’s floor.

There’s a saying: the things you did to get her are the things you need to do to keep her. This is usually quoted in reference to doing simpish things like buying gifts and flowers; but it’s doubly true when it comes to being a true to the game Mack.

Don’t relax; never let your guard down. Be on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep them women guessing about your next move. Keep them intrigued with the level of your wisdom and knowledge. Keep them on their toes when they try throwing temper tantrums on you. Stay looking sharp and dressing fly. And never let them get away with even the subtlest form of disrespect.

And above all: never, ever become boring and predictable.


Fuck You Recruiter Named Andrew

I have been waiting on my recruiter Andrew for four weeks to schedule an appointment for me to take my ASVAB. Out of those four weeks, I was able to get in contact with him twice. He gave me the “We’ll have you take it tomorrow” lie and when tomorrow comes, I call him and he never answers the cell phone that is basically “attached to the hip.”

For the last two weeks,I tried calling him.And every time I call, it rings until it goes to voice mail. I leave a voice mail and page him my number. Did he call me back? Fuck no.

So yesterday I call his office to try to see if he was there,surprise surprise he wasn’t. So I requested to speak to his superior and request to have a new recruiter. He’s going to pay me a visit later on today.


Being All I Can Be.

Two weeks ago I made the decision to enlist in the Army.I wish I had a good story, but to be honest it was impulse decision.I have plenty friends who are either currently in Iraq or had served in Iraq and it made them better men and women.My oldest brother served until he was discharged.I also have an uncle who is currently in Afghanistan now;and my grandfather served in the Army.

Also, I owed a lot in Federal student loans and I wanted to go to finish school out west.I was initially going to school and such but I just didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything, school Tuesdays and Thursdays and work everyday, the thought of I will be someone tomorrow wasn’t good enough for me. It kind of clicked instantly one night, I stayed up one night researching it and the next day went into my local recruiters office.Talked to him and he told me what I could get into. And being a Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist would be great because I’m going to school for film.

I’m also a supporter of peace, and I always have been. We should try not to get into wars if we can help it, and we should remember that a large number of people killed in any war are not combatants, but civilians. Kids, women, the elderly. A lot of people try to ignore that truth.

Maybe in the end I want to leave some kind of legacy behind.

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