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The number one sin you can commit as a mack

The number one sin you can commit as a mack…the absolute worst thing you can do in your dealings with a female…believe it or not, it ain’t cheating. It’s not playing the role of Captain Save-A- Hoe, though I wouldn’t recommend blowing the dust off that old cape tucked away in the back of your closet. (Hopefully by now you’ve burned that joint to a charred crisp!)

The biggest sin you can commit as a mack is to be boring. That’s right; I said BORING!Nothing will drive a woman away faster; nothing will make her seek the company of another man quicker, than for you to turn into a love song on her.

What I’m talking about here is being predictable; failing to be a challenge anymore; no longer being the mysterious, intriguing guy you were when she first fell for you. There’s a danger that comes once you begin to get comfortable with a female. This is usually when you start letting your Mack guard down. You start falling back into old simpish ways and behavior: phone checks, being quick to answer her every call, spending all your free time around her, questioning her every movement and demanding an account of where she’s been for the past hour…or giving an account of your own whereabouts whenever she asks.

When you’ve put your best Mack moves into practice and snatched yourself a good one, and after you’ve spent some time with her, this is when you are the most vulnerable. This is when a female will really test you to see what you’re made of. That’s why this Macking thing has to be solid down in you. It’s got to become a part of your very DNA. You have to get to the place where you eat, sleep and breathe this Macking!

If you’re play-macking out here, you will get found out. You’re eventually gonna slip; and when you do, instead of the Mack Within coming to the forefront, the Simp Within will show up in his place. And the female you’re dealing with will know that you ain’t true to the game you’ve been spitting. She’ll know you’ve been perpetrating a fraud. And eventually you’ll get dropped like all the other simps. So don’t become a victim of your own lack of discipline! Get this Macking down in you for real, and anchor yourself to it like a ship to the ocean’s floor.

There’s a saying: the things you did to get her are the things you need to do to keep her. This is usually quoted in reference to doing simpish things like buying gifts and flowers; but it’s doubly true when it comes to being a true to the game Mack.

Don’t relax; never let your guard down. Be on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep them women guessing about your next move. Keep them intrigued with the level of your wisdom and knowledge. Keep them on their toes when they try throwing temper tantrums on you. Stay looking sharp and dressing fly. And never let them get away with even the subtlest form of disrespect.

And above all: never, ever become boring and predictable.


The Dog,The Train,And The Tail

A dog was walking across the road and came to a railroad track. While crossing the track a train came through and ran over a bit of his tail. The train passed and the dog reached back to get the little piece of his tail. While retrieving it another train came through and ran over his head.

The message is “don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail”. It’s really about staying focus on what really important and on course. I think it’s a topic worth discussion, see how we have countless men losing their jobs, going through legal and financial headaches or worse incarcerated over a piece of tail. We as men must always remain calm, in the know, and logical through all adversity. Especially black men, cause they’re just waiting for a reason to throw us under the bus and take away our stripes. And the last thing you want to lose everything over is a piece of tail.


Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Why do people bitch about interracial dating, can’t they understand that everyone has preferences?Based on my experiences, white women have better out looks on life, tend to be more positive, and put themselves in positive situations. I don’t like negative people so I’m more drawn to them in that matter. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are more submissive, but white and spanish girls tend to take care of their man without giving you attitude about it.

I don’t fear the strength of anyone, but I do find that whole attitude annoying. You meet a black girl and the first thing that she says to you is “I’m a beautiful independent black woman, you need to treat me like a queen”. First, you can’t be independent and a queen at the same time. Queens get waited on and served on, if you’re independent you don’t need or want that. Second, I don’t need someone to tell me how to treat them. Race doesn’t and shouldnt play a role in how I treat someone. If the girl isn’t shit, I’m going to treat her like shit. If she’s a good girl, then I’ll treat her accordingly.


MESSAGE TO MEN: Stop being so emotional!

Men in general, young men specifically, STOP letting your emotions control you. There was a time when men were men, logical, thinking, calculating, and under control. Nowadays, the majority of “men” are emotional, irrational, careless and lack self control. Most of the murders in our community are purely driven by emotion. Ex – You owe me money, my feelings are hurt, so I’m going to kill you. Logically, this makes no sense. A dead man can’t pay you back, others seeing you kill over money won’t want to do further business with you, etc. A man who owes me money will be my bitch for life, even after he’s paid me back tenfold.

Our communities are out of control because the men are the ones who are supposed to be in control. Women control our communities nowadays, but most of these single mothers have never had a father themselves either and have no idea how to raise a man. SO these boys are raised to be emotional by their mothers. They can’t handle being told no and have no sense of understanding delayed gratification. If all you had to do your whole juvenile life was ask mom and/or grandma for something and you were given it regardless of what work you did or didn’t do to earn it, then it’s no wonder these same boys become men who don’t want to work and live in the basement indefinitely. They still get what they want without having to earn it and thats just not logical.


As an adult…

Do you let others dictate on who you should date/be associated with?
Is peer pressure still relevant within your circle?

Not at all…but I know a lot of people who do.You know people be influenced when they friend say “You can do better than that…” or whatever. I’m a competitive person so in the past, yeah, I would want any girl I brought around my people to be flyer than any girl they brought around. But now I feel like I’m at the point where I’m not worried about anything other than what I like and me and that person’s individual relationship. Everything else is unimportant.  A lot of the times I go after girls that my friends wouldn’t.I could give 8 rat fucks what people think about who I’m dating or what people think of me period. I learned at an early age as long as you’re not hurting anyone and no one is not hurting you just do you. Never cared about being the coolest or agreeing with everyone. Most people who or like that or just weak-minded individuals who are scared to disagree or not be in the cool crowd or whatever to stand up for themselves and let people know, hey fuck you and what you think about me.

Now, I do feel peer pressure to validate myself by being in a better financial situation and having more material object than my peers, which could be viewed as immature. I admit that.

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