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X-Men:First Class Review

X-Men:First Class is a really solid film. The thing I like about X-Men movies is the fact that the storytelling is more focused on the conflicts between Xavier and Erik, their corresponding philosophies, and the metaphor of discrimination. As much as the ads will sell this movie to you as an origin story, there’s slightly more to it.

Since Wolverine is out of the way, the script deals more with the issues of mutants and humans coexisting (or not), without having to explore any specific characters’ past too deeply. It’s actually a fine script, and a nice change of pace for a superhero movie (not that Wolverine wasn’t a change, it was just crappy).

Another change was the setting, and as a period piece you get a sense of atmosphere, but it’s not too strong, and this movie is still unmistakably and X-Men movie. One glance and you wouldn’t decide otherwise.

It wasn’t perfect. You could tell which performances were great, good, or a little on the weak side. Just as well, the CGI showed off a rushed production, of which director Matthew Vaughn once spoke about concerning the movie.

All-in-all though, it’s a good film. The direction is really good, the pacing is smooth, and unlike previous X-Men movies I really had a sense of how the mutant characters truly feel within society. Like the comics, the message is covered up by extreme fantasy, but it’s still there, clear as day.

You know who you are if you want to see this movie or not. Overall it was a fine, fun film. I liked it.

Rating: B+


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